Welcome to the new home.


New year, new name (well, not REALLY) and new book focus.

Yeah, I am going to go closer to my real name. I'm not trying to hide like I did years ago as Marianne LaCroix at Ellora's Cave. I am writing mainstream romance these days. (Isn't "Romantica" now considered mainstream with the existance of the 'Shades of' putrid? (Sorry, but the books are not well written. I couldn't get a few pages in without closing it and never going back.) Anyway, the name. I like Myriam as soooo many people in my real life has spelled it that way on cards and such. So why not use it? I also like the change just to be slightly diffferent. 

The new focus is contemporary romance. I had been working on historicals for years and I feel like my voice is stagnated. I needed a change, so I am working on a new romance. It will be set in a fictional country just in case some sort of natural or political mess makes a real country seem controversial. Kind of like how other writers use fictional countries for their royal romances. 

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