I am working on a historical women's fiction set during WWII.

Backlist as Marianne LaCroix (very hot romance)

Samantha Winston, Delilah Devlin Marianne LaCroix
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Scorpion King 
When the underwater city of Pacifica is in danger of crumbling, beautiful Queen Naiya Pisces meets a virile naval scientist whose special tattoo fulfills an ancient legend of her people and arouses her most erotic desires. 

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Julia Williamson translates an ancient love spell that takes her back in time and into the body of Julia, Caesar’s niece. Awakening in a strange time is shocking enough, but then she is to be presented to a Gladiator for a night of heated sex. 

 Marcus Atronius Magunnus wasn’t expecting the lady of wealth requesting his services to be the woman he has yearned for from afar. He shares more than a night of ecstasy within her welcoming arms—he offers his heart. 

 In the arena, Marcus defies her uncle, Julius Caesar, to honor her, thus condemning him to Caesar’s wrath. Julia wins Marcus in a wager, but their happiness is shadowed by the ever present danger of the angered Emperor. Together they must face the challenges and find the strength to love despite the ever looming threat of death.