Update 6/14/2023 - Crystals for Writing

Crystals for Writing

Pictured: Red carnelian, blue apatite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue lace agate, Selenite (top), rose quartz, citrine, tiger's eye, amethyst, and clear quartz (middle).

I submitted my WWII historical to Harlequin Historical for consideration last month. Here's hoping they ask for the entire book. It really is a story from the heart.

I went out last week to St. Augustine Beach and had a lovely time. My adult children accompanied me as it was their college summer break. We did a lot of shopping, especially to metaphysical shops. We all seem to be into crystals and crystal healing. I use crystals in my everyday life but especially writing. 

Yes, I carry a few crystals with me when I write. I am either wearing them or they are in a little pouch I keep close. There are oodles of articles online about crystals for writing like this one, or this one, or this one. So if you are looking to read how to use crystals with your writing (or any creativity), I suggest starting with those articles or do an online search. Pineterest is a great source too. 

Crystal Jewelry I wear for writing:

Lapis Lazuli, Blue Topaz, Sodalite, Amazonite (recent addition from my St. Augustine trip)

On target

I decided to do CampNaNoWriMo this April. It will give me the push to finish my draft of a contemporary romance I'm calling Mediterranean Billionaire's Baby Surprise

I also decided to join Angela James' community over on discord. I figure I will get her to go over the first three chapters (as in pay her!) I figure she would definitely know if I can make the book work.

At the moment I am waiting on my new trusk to have the tailgate latch fixed. Yeah, it was faulty. I got a truck to use to haul stuff (ie. clean out Mom's house to sell), and the latch won't unhook. So, I am waiting on the fix today. I had to do this day long crap just to get it diagnosed. (Sigh.)

I did an investment in my writing by getting the Freewrite. I have to say, it is really awesome. I never realize how bad my habit of being distracted can be. I took it with me over last weekend and used it for a writer retreat. (Basically a few local writer friends went to a hotel and worked/socialized.) This kept me on target. The best advantage of this from the Neo2 is the fact it saves my text to a cloud automatically. Best function ever. Yeah, I could use a laptop, but for a draft, distraction free is the way to go. I may invest in the Freewrite Traveler for more on the go writing, but then my pen and notebook does that well. However, I type faster than I write longhand...and I have a hard time reading my own handwriting. I blame nerve damage from ulnar compression syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome. I got both arms/hands fixed but my right hand is much weaker now. My handwriting got a tad messier.

And yes, the "G" is a Georgia Bulldawgs symbol.

Welcome to the new home.


New year, new name (well, not REALLY) and new book focus.

Yeah, I am going to go closer to my real name. I'm not trying to hide like I did years ago as Marianne LaCroix at Ellora's Cave. I am writing mainstream romance these days. (Isn't "Romantica" now considered mainstream with the existance of the 'Shades of' putrid? (Sorry, but the books are not well written. I couldn't get a few pages in without closing it and never going back.) Anyway, the name. I like Myriam as soooo many people in my real life has spelled it that way on cards and such. So why not use it? I also like the change just to be slightly diffferent. 

The new focus is contemporary romance. I had been working on historicals for years and I feel like my voice is stagnated. I needed a change, so I am working on a new romance. It will be set in a fictional country just in case some sort of natural or political mess makes a real country seem controversial. Kind of like how other writers use fictional countries for their royal romances.